How we determine our rates

When quoting our rates, we consider many factors such as the age of the accounts, the average balance, the number and type of accounts, and the geographic area. We will not quote you a low rate, then skim your accounts and tell you that you have a good deal because of the low rate charge. To give you a maximum return we must charge a fair rate for us to collect your dollars effectively.

Ultimately, it is not the rate that you are paying, but the performance that you are receiving. The amount netted back to you is both your and our prime consideration. Therefore, we will not propose the lowest rate just to get the business, and then work only the accounts that will provide us with the greatest fees. We will propose a rate that is fair; each account is as unique as the business requesting collection. Therefore, the collection of your accounts will be customized to your specific needs. We will propose a rate quote that is fair and beneficial to everyone concerned. We will treat your accounts as a priority no matter that amount to be collected, whether small amounts or large ones.

In the collection industry, you get what you pay for!

To summarize our proposal, the bottom line is that Feuchtenberger & Barringer Legal Corporation will treat your collections with expediency and respect so that everyone involved will experience the most profitable results.

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