About us

The commercial practice of Feuchtenberger & Barringer Legal Corporation had its beginnings as a Collection Agency in 1954, and from that date until 1982, engaged much success representing businesses and government agencies. In 1982, it was acquired by attorneys, was reorganized, and has operated as a law firm since that date. Our office is located at 335 New Hope Road, Princeton, West Virginia. We have established a reputation of excellence throughout the industry by providing experience, service, and results, utilizing an expert staff of over thirty people coupled with an in-house computer system with up to date technology. We have been successful in collections for both consumer (retail & medical), governmental, and commercial accounts.

Service, results, and experience

We have had long term success in collections throughout West Virginia, and in neighboring Virginia counties.

Examples of some of our prominent clients:

* Princeton Community Hospital
* Tazewell Community Hospital
* First Community Bank
* Scott Orthopedics
* City of Princeton
* River Park Hospital a/k/a Horizon

These samples are only a small number of highly successful entities that we represent. Service provided is tailored to the individual needs of more than three hundred clients who regularly refer accounts to us for collection. Feuchtenberger & Barringer Legal Corporation will continue to nurture and develop client relationships in order to continue to position ourselves as the leader in the collection industry.

Our organization works hard in building a reputation that is crucial to expanding your business. Feuchtenberger & Barringer Legal Corporation is fully aware that it acts on behalf of its clients and that the actions of its employees should reflect in a positive manner on the institution it serves. That’s the beauty of choosing a law firm with emphasis on commercial collections. We make sure during our collection process every i is dotted and every t is crossed. So you can turn over accounts with confidence and just wait for your check to come in.

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